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Strong skill sets

We have a team of highly qualified leaders including Masters in computer application, Microsoft certified engineers, MBAs, database experts, subject matter experts and core developers. Our greatest strength "Our passion & love for what we do!"

Knowledge across a range of business domains

We get so involved when we build our applications we have no choice but to understand your business to the smallest detail. Over the years this has given our team tremendous knowledge in diverse business processes. Some of the sectors we have served are financial, warehousing, retail, car rental, consulting services, marine catering, e-commerce and more.

Agile project management

At Deldure.com we realised we twist and turn all the time and so do our client's requirements. To cope with the ever changing world of business we have successfully adopted AGILE project management. SCRUM is part of our daily life and has helped us successfully complete a large number of complex projects.

Hunger for knowledge

Our team has always believed in adopting the latest technology and trends of the software development and management industry. Our hunger for knowledge and continuous learning keeps us tuned to industry standards. These are then adopted and adapted to all our projects transferring the knowledge benefit to our customers.

Cost conscious & competitive

We have always been highly competitive due to our lean size. When it comes to cost we make sure our clients get value for every buck spent.

Compact size has its advantages

At strength of 20 employees we are a lean company and therefore have not lost the personal touch. Our customers are always taken care of irrespective of size. At Deldure.com, the team stays highly motivated as each one us is always a big part of the solution.

Ready for challenges

We are ever ready to take on challenges head on and grow with each one of them. From increasing team size in a short period of time to acquiring new skills we have always been ready with our next step.

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Deldure.com is India’s reliable online business-to-business and business-to-customer marketplace connecting buyers with suppliers. Founded in 2011 the company offers solutions for a wide range of integrated consumer services, an easy-to-use and technologically advanced enterprise cloud platform providing the right set of software tools and solutions for the suppliers to grow online business. The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India and has a team in San Francisco, USA.

462 Million+ Online Consumers | 5 Million+ Suppliers | 70 Million+ Products & Services | PAN India Presence

Deldure.com for Buyers

– Convenience of connecting with sellers anytime, anywhere
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Deldure.com for Suppliers

– Enhanced brand and business visibility
– Lead management and increased Sales generation system