About Affiliate

A search bar permits your site visitors to view Products that are the results of their search query within the Search Box link or view results that link directly to a page on the Deldure.com Site that contains the results of their search query.
We are unable to provide review samples to our associates.
You can view the pages visited by visitors post clicking on your affiliate link, by checking the Traffic Report in your account.
-Identify products that match your site content. Narrow your picks by searching on Deldure.com for specific products, keywords, and categories that match the topic of your Web site. View your results first by product, and then sort by other criteria, e.g., average customer review.
-Product cross-merchandising is a very effective strategy. Many of your visitors have an interest in a wide variety of products. Take advantage of this by promoting items from across the broad Deldure.com catalog, thereby capturing more sales. For example, if you're reviewing a new mobile phone on your site, you can increase your sales by featuring other relevant products, like mobile phone accessories
-Another way to identify products is to visit various product lines ' Best Sellers pages, which list best-selling items in a large number of categories and genres, and are regularly updated. You can feature items from any of the lists
-You can find more products to promote by looking at Featured Deals, Recently Sold, New Releases
-Reviewing your Products Reports lets you find out what products your users are purchasing after visiting your site promoting these specific products can lead to a higher conversion rate for you.
-Try promoting higher-priced products. Featuring a range of price points gives you the chance to make higher commissions.
You can implement product banners/links on any site that you own. However, we do ask that you comply with the policies outlined on the Affiliate Terms and Condition Page.