Fulfilment By Deldure

Deldure.com is India's first and the largest managed marketplace. That also means, we provide fulfillment services to our vendors so that they can focus on growing their online business at Deldure.com vs. getting distracted by fulfillment challenges such as packing, dealing with courier companies, returns, cash on delivery, billings, payments, and SLA tracking etc. Deldure.com provides world-class fulfillment services to all its vendors. We not only have word-class technology, system and process but also have power of combined scale and scope so that vendors can see cost benefits and operational efficiencies. Deldure.com offers three variations of fulfillment services. Once you become a vendor at Deldure.com, your store will be assigned to one of the three fulfillment variations based on your location of operations/warehouse and a few more factors. These are three variations of fulfillment services offered by Deldure.com.

Deldure.com Velocity Premium (SCVP). This fulfillment service is currently available in NCR and Mumbai, however, we are expanding SCVP in other major cities as well. Under SCVP, Deldure.com will pick-up the items sold by you at your online store at Deldure.com, bring to our fulfillment center, inspect, pack, and ship. Please not that SCVP does not require you to store your items at Deldure.com warehouses thus giving you full flexibility of managing your inventory effectively

Deldure.com Velocity Basic (SCVB). This fulfillment service is currently available in top 100+ cities in India and we are in mid of expanding it to another 500. Under SCVB, you pack the items sold at Deldure.com by you using Deldure.com packing material, affix shipping label and hand it over to our courier partners. You will be responsible of checking each product before packing, match it against the order received (to make sure that you are putting right product in right box), putting shipping label and taping it properly

Vendor Direct Fulfillment (VDF). We typically do not allow vendor direct fulfillment to our vendors. We allow this only if the vendor has some amazing products to sell and our courier partners or we do not have network to pick those items from the vendor's location. In VDF, you will be responsible of handing end-to-end for inspection, packing, labeling, shipping and also updating AWB number at Deldure.com Store Manager for customer to track the courier

Fulfillment Service Fee and Packing Service Fee

Fulfillment Service Fee is Rs 45 per 500 grams for the items shipped with our help by our courier network + Rs 9 packing service fee for the items packed by us. For certain smaller items, we charge Rs 7 or even Rs 3 per item in Packing Service Fee and for certain heavy or special handling items, we charge more. However, for most items it is Rs 9 per item packed by Deldure.com. There is an applicable service tax in both Fulfillment Service Fee and Packing Service Fee. Please note that packing service is only available in limited number of locations such as NCR and Mumbai.