Vendor Tools is an E-Commerce platform and services company that empowers 3rd party sellers to sell online. provides a host of easy to use tools which help you start, manage and increase your business online. Following are some of the tools.

Catalogue Management -

Upload and edit your product listings with the help of this tool. This tool allows you to change your product mix on the fly. You can add, edit or delete products from your list. Change prices or any other product parameter using this tool.

Inventory Management -

Keep a real-time track of how much inventory you are left with. This tools help you stay on top of the demand supply equation. Managing inventory was never so easy.

Order Management -

this tool helps you keep track of all your online orders. See the order received in the past as well as current order.

Merchandising -

our sophisticated technology allows you to use the full potential of online merchandising. When a customer buys any of your product, automatically show him/her all the other relevant products which the buyer could buy along with the product the buyer is already buying. E.g., if somebody is buying a shirt, automatically show them a pair of trousers or a tie or any accessory which could go well with that shirt.

Sales Report -

keep a track of how much you have sold with weekly, monthly and daily reports. Analyze seasonality, sales trends and make better business decisions.

Bulk Purchase -

Here is a unique tool to help you maximize volumes. Configure bulk purchase prices for any products, set prices for different quantities of the same product.

Bundling -

Yet another unique feature from Create bundles of your product to attract customers. E.g. You can create a bundle of Shirt + Trouser + accessories at a special price to encourage customers to buy more than one product.